Wahoo! Wine & Provisions is proud to offer:

Our Food Philosophy: Make Food the Right Way. Located right down the street from Wahoo! Wine & Provisions, We use all organic herbs and produce whenever possible, but above all we always strive to use all natural, sustainable, humanely-raised and hormone-free meats. We consider it a privilege to work with our raw ingredients, and thus they must be treated with the maximum amount of care and respect. Our recipes are created in boutique batches, made with only seasonal ingredients, which allows us to provide you nothing but the finest meats made with the freshest ingredients the planet has to offer. All spices are toasted and ground in-house, and we dry all of our own chilies, which, whenever possible, are heirloom varieties grown by local farmers.

Pine Street Market produces a variety of handmade artisan meats such as salami, bacon, sausage, pancetta and coppa. Also right down the street from Wahoo! Wine & Provisions, They bring together the best of time tested recipes and cutting edge technology to offer the highest quality, USDA inspected products. It's applying a fine dining philosophy to the foods we enjoy everyday.
PROVIDE EXCITING NEW CULINARY EXPERIENCES. From the outset, the goal of Creminelli Fine Meats has been to provide Americans with traditional Italian meat specialties some of which weren’t otherwise available in the U.S. and many of which are available only on a regional basis in Italy. We hope to improve the selection of fine meats in the U.S. and in so doing provide exciting new culinary experiences for Americans.
At Olli Salumeria, we make artisanal slow-cured meats based on original 160-year-old family recipes that were handed down over 4 generations to our founder, Oliviero “Olli” Colmignoli. Our products are made with pork from pigs raised on family-owned sustainable farms.

Local Cheese by the following companies:

CalyRoad Creamery brings the flavor of the countryside to your table. Farm fresh ingredients and our commitment to quality create the delectable flavor of our artisan cheeses. Owner, Robin Schick, was formally trained at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese and skillfully prepares all of our selections. Located in Sandy Springs, They start with fresh, all natural milk that is delivered weekly by local dairies. The milk is then pasteurized, cooled, flavored, cut and aged all in house, and all by hand. Our goat’s milk cheeses start with fresh, regionally sourced goat curd. Our gourmet cheeses include feta, the camembert-style Way Point, chevre, and aged goat cheese.
Sequatchie Cove Creamery is a family run business owned and operated by Nathan and Padgett Arnold and a small team of devoted turophiles just north of the Georgia Border. French cheeses of the Savoie region quickly became the muse for the first few cheeses Nathan entertained making. A hobby turned passion, Sequatchie Cove Creamery went from dream to reality in March of 2010. The cheeses of the creamery are all made everyday using the freshest raw cow's milk produced directly on the farm. Every step is painstakingly taken to ensure safety, quality, and an expression of the local "terroir", which to us is very much a Savoie of the South.
Our most popular cheese is named for a Northern California landmark: the majestic Mt. Tamalpais. Made from Straus Family Dairy’s fresh organic milk, this elegant triple cream was our first foray into aged cheeses. Click Here for our story
We are a family, a team of community conscious, food loving, artisan cheese makers and sellers. We're Do-Gooders who care about education and sustainable agriculture. We strive to be the kind of people that you want to hang out with on your front porch. Located in Thomasville, Ga, Sweet Grass Dairy has a wide selection of cheeses that you MUST try.
At Nature’s Harmony, we’re old school. We honor artisan traditions by handcrafting distinctive raw-milk, natural-rind cheeses, each wheel unique. We hand stir, hand pierce and hand hoop every wheel. Once you savor a bite you’ll see why there’s no need to import blues, cheddars or Alpine cheese from overseas when you can get world-class cheese right here from our family farm. Located in Elberton, Ga. A crowd pleaser in the restaurant!
Our farms are located just over 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, in the beautiful West Georgia town of Carrollton. All of our cheese is made fresh daily, using only the clean, fresh milk of our own dairy goat herd that is comprised of several hundred Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Saanen and Toggenburg dairy goats. Every step of our cheese making process is done by hand, from milking the goats to cutting and stirring the curd, to packaging the product for public sale.